Community Focus ~ Jessica McIvor

A salute to locals who go above and beyond to enhance their community

As well as providing inspiration and happiness for others

As well as providing inspiration and happiness for others

Check out her Facebook page – Jessie’s Arts. Words used to describe her are; precious, beautiful, talented. She is called an inspiration, her vision is said to heal and enlighten. These words come from many who have never met Jessica McIvor. Those that are lucky enough to know her personally say, “Her smile should be bottled and that she is a kind and beautiful soul.”

In November of 2013, Jessica McIvor decided she wanted to share her art with the world because, “Making people happy, makes me happy,” she says. – plus, she wanted to become a little famous.

Although the 30 year old has Down Syndrome, she doesn’t let that stop or slow her down in any way.

In just under two months, Jessica’s artwork page received 3,212 likes. Articles on her have appeared in local and world wide community newspapers. She has also been featured on radio and television.

People from 45 countries are experiencing the happiness and talent of Jessica McIvor.

The requests come in daily for Jessica’s art on her Facebook page and she works hard every day to fulfill these requests. (Requests must be inboxed or they are lost in the feed, due to the number of comments received daily)

She does not charge for her work, although if not local, a small donation to help with mailing costs is appreciated.

“I’m going to do this forever,” says Jessica. Why? — “Because making people happy, makes me happy!”