Community Focus ~ Allan Kovaltsenko

A salute to locals who go above and beyond to enhance their community

The “Trubador” performs at the local Fall Fair - Allan Kovaltsenko

The “Trubador” performs at the local Fall Fair - Allan Kovaltsenko

Allan Kovaltsenko and his wife Shareyl are well known as the “faces of Crisis Assistance.” Allan says, he couldn’t do what he does without Shareyl,” who works alongside him with almost everything.

Involved with Crisis for eight years, Kovaltsenko has served as president for the past six years.

He  is on call for Crisis Assistance, 24 hours a day. Not just for the Christmas Hamper campaign,  the food bank or the Crisis Thrift Store. He is a much appreciated resource for the local RCMP detachment.

“We are very appreciative of the work he does,” said Cst. Cam Shiell. The local RCMP call upon Kovaltsenko when they need assistance with instances like; stranded travellers, accidents and sometimes domestic situations. “He provides a tremendous service which helps alleviate the pressure on us,” added Cst. Shiell.

“He is very compassionate and dedicated to this community,” said Annette Boyd, who has worked with Kovaltsenko for four years.

Manager of the local Cooper’s Foods, Rob Bett has worked with Kovaltsenko for four years as well. “This man is an all around nice guy, who would give you the shirt off his back, said Bett. Cooper’s Foods, assists Crisis Assistance each year to replenish the food bank shelves after the Christmas Hamper Campaign.

Kovaltsenko is also known as “The Trubador,”  who for years has been performing at local events, hosting and performing concerts with other musicians and sharing gospel through Shining His Light Ministries, a division of Danal Music Company. (owned and operated by Kovaltsenko)

Kovaltsenko holds free concerts at various times of the year, entertains seniors at Ridgewood Lodge and Vermilion Court, providing ministry as well.

He also hosts concerts via donation to raise funds for other community charities.

“He is very committed to helping,” said Walter Aiken, long time member of Crisis Assistance.

The motto, “People helping people” and “It’s all about community,” are ideals that Kovaltsenko seems to live by.

“He embodies that attitude,” said Aiken