“You’ll be grateful you took a little jog on the days journey.”

Dear Editor

Dear Editor

I read all the time the thank-you’s dished out to those generous minded Princetonites. To my way of thinking this emulates some and maybe causes complacency in others. Princeton is only one of countless areas teaming with people from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences but does one have to go through the lean years to be cognizant with those who are needy or who are different? What is the cost of being compassionate? Does one lose out from something so important that they can’t lend a helping hand? Does fear and I have to say unreasonable fear cause the loss of heart, the loss of caring? Does the everyday rush to do something or the all so important errands that just have to get done take away the possibilities of a change of plans to help someone else have an easier time? These are difficult soul searching thoughts.

They stem from an experience this morning as Ron and I were driving out of Princeton on our way to Penticton for an appointment. On the side of the road in Princeton stood a young man with a pack sack and a sign that said “Princeton Please.” This same man was standing there yesterday before dark as we were coming back to Princeton. Guess what? He stood for hours- this is January remember and guess what again he spent the night over by the visitors center huddled in a sleeping bag, waking up frequently in the night. Ron and I gave this young chap from Nova Scotia a ride and were entertained the whole way with his experiences. As we parted all three of us felt blessed from this sharing. Some reading this will be saying “I’d never pick up a hitchhiker. “Tom, our newest of many passengers was a victim himself from someone picking him up and helping themselves to his few worldly possessions. But that hasn’t stopped him from going across Canada 30 times. How many can say they have been across Canada once? Not me for sure.

I have a friend in Chilliwack who won’t drive on the highways for fear of an accident. Another friend whose routines keep her captive and who lives with anxiety and has to take sleeping pills because of worries. My dialogue here only serves one purpose folks- lighten up. It may not be on the days agenda but believe me you’ll be grateful you took a little jog on the days journey.

Nora Sutton

Princeton, B.C.