Vote, ABC

Writer describes why, he is at a loss for words

Dear Editor,

I caught an unusual news story on the internet the other day about a campaign worker making an outright attempt to remove a  ballot box from a local polling station. Right away I tried to recall which third world country was sham-voting that particular day. To my utter shock and surprise this third world vote was actually taking place  at the University of Guelph in the heart of Ontario & the campaign worker was employed by the local Conservative federal candidate. This person believed that there were voter “irregularities” which would invalidate the vote and it was his responsibility to stop the process. No irregularities were found when Elections Canada did their investigation.

As good red-blooded Tim Horton fueled Canadians we must question any party that feels they have the right to stop an electoral process by taking the law into their own hands. Was this guy protecting the ballot box from what he perceived as a “bad” process or was he protecting his candidate from an opposing student protest vote? Is the need for a coveted Conservative majority so strong that democracy has to suffer?

First it was the firing of anybody that didn`t agree with party politics , then it was the hiding of the true costs of planes , prisons & Toronto G summits. This was followed by the incredible renaming of the Canadian government as Harper`s own. A ruling of contempt of parliament must have been icing on the cake.

As a former life-long Progressive Conservative supporter , I find myself in the unusual position of being at a loss for words to describe my horror at the state of this party and of it`s leadership.

Former Newfoundland-Labrador Progressive Conservative Premier Danny Williams said it best when he said to vote ABC, anything but Conservative.

Dr. Mike Popovich, Rodney Ontario