Vandals may not have mental capacity to think

Trouble makers use China Ridge as their playhouse.

Dear Editor,

China Ridge Trails Society is such a fortunate organization. After many years of hard work and planning, a facility at the trailhead known as The Longhouse was built.

It is a facility that is open to the public that benefits the community.

We cross country skiers certainly have enjoyed the benefits of having a warm place to come to after a long day of skiing before heading down the hill.  That is why it is so incomprehensible why anyone would want to vandalized it.

Yet, that is exactly what happened on Saturday night, Jan. 28.

Some very irresponsible young people decided that this facility was their “playhouse”.

They had a bush party there and left litter that took two hours to clean up.

When we arrived there on Sunday morning, even though it had been cleaned, the place reeked of alcohol.

Apparently, windows were taken out, tables and benches were thrown around and the solar panels on the outside had been smashed.

The latter was a deliberate act because a picnic table had been moved next to the wall and logs placed on top of it to reached the panels – a wilful act of destruction. Who are these people?  What motivates them to take something good and make it bad, worthless…?

Do they ever think of the consequences of their actions? The key word here is think. Perhaps, they don’t have the mental capacity to do this.

Young people like this need to remember that such actions hurt them because they too are part of the community.

Mary Masiel