This election will be a race to watch!

It seems like everywhere I go people are talking about the election. There is a lot of buzz building about some of the new candidates.

It seems like everywhere I go people are talking about the election. There is a lot of buzz building about some of the new candidates and it’s not hard to see why.  With mayoral candidate Fred Thomas opening a campaign office on Bridge Street and campaign signs showing up all over town, even incumbents who some consider to be safe are showing they are in this race to win it.

The people I have talked to seem to be truly interested in this election. Maybe it is fall out over the emotionally charged referendum, but people seem to be paying attention. The only part of the civic election that seems to be lackluster is the run for school board trustee. Actually, there is no race at all with incumbents Gordon Comeau and Dave Rainer being appointed with Leah Ward joining them.

There could be two big battles during this election: the battle over the lone Area H seat and the Mayor’s job. The battle over the Area H director’s seat could be a hard fought campaign between incumbent Brad Hope and former alternate Charles Weber. There are lines in the sand being drawn as signs are showing up in peoples’ yards. I am sure I am not the only one who is anticipating seeing these two candidates face off at the forum. Then, there is the race for the big chair. Incumbent Randy McLean has been challenged by retired businessman Fred Thomas. Fred has come out swinging with a campaign office opening, a website and of course, signs. This is a race to watch. Randy is not new to the pressures of elections and has been mayor for the past 6 years and was a councillor and mayor previously as well. I think the mayor’s race will come down to who provides the best answers at the all candidates forum and good old fashioned campaigning.

I don’t want to dismiss the race for the four councillor seats. After all, there are six people vying for the four spots meaning, we could have an upset and two new councillors joining the ranks. The all candidates forum will be a key moment for the councillor positions. The candidates who perform the best should also perform well in the election. Any way you look at it, this should be a good race. We have some great candidates running for all positions and some very passionate people trying to win those seats. Will they be able to get their message to the people and have it connect?

I want to urge everyone to go out to the all candidates forum, and if you have a question for the candidates or a candidate, try to get your question asked. If you see a candidate knocking on doors or campaigning, stop them and ask them any questions you may have. The candidates will try and get their message out to you, but try and educate yourself as well. Most importantly, remember to vote on November 19th. You are voting for the next three years of our community so don’t sit by and hope that everyone else does the right thing. You need to go out and mark an X for the candidates you think will do the best job.