The true cost of vandalism and destruction is peace of mind

Writer upset with vandalism to and theft from her property.

Dear Editor;

It is with disgust and sadness that I try and make sense out of what makes a person or persons willfully remove, destroy and vandalize another persons property? During the weekend of (June 22/23), under the cover of darkness some person(s) sneaked onto my property and removed five of my swan planters which were filled with flowers and LED lights.

Last month two of my three feet tall lions, which sat like sentinels on my carport entry disappeared. This was no easy feat as they were very heavy. Two years ago I had a rockery of beautiful purple Daphne dug up and removed, also under the cover of darkness, is it any wonder that I feel as though I have been personally violated and robbed of peace of mind? Not only is it disturbing, but expensive as I had to have a fence installed around my property, and so it goes!

Many of us older property owners get a lot of joy and happiness out of gardening and keeping up our yards, not only for ourselves, but for the enjoyment of those who walk by. I often wonder about the lack of respect or values of those individuals who have no regard for others, what really makes them tick? They definitely march to a different drummer and set of rules! Most young people are thoughtful and helpful, however it only takes a few bad apples to cause havoc, it is too bad they don’t use their time and energy for good as they grow into maturity! Two of my swans were returned to my carport, while I didn’t see who they were, I would like to thank them for their kindness.

I am offering a one hundred dollar reward to anyone who can identify the culprits.

Joyce Fraser,

Princeton, BC