The drums of war

Perverse justice comes with oil reserves.

Dear Editor;

When the drums of war begin pounding, privileged sycophants rally around their leader and encourage others to do the same. Libya is no exception, but what about Canada?

Given the overwhelming record of atrocities perpetuated by the Gaddafi regime, the UN was finally able to reach a consensus for action. Social media exposed horrific scenes of violence and politicians were forced to act. The UN showed itself to be a cumbersome organization incapable of proactively preventing human tragedy. Now that the TV cameras are rolling, talking about the urgent need for democracy in specific Arab countries has become fashionable; however, this need for democracy is apparently inversely proportional to a country’s oil reserves.

I would like to believe Canada’s Prime Minister is sincerely interested in promoting freedom in Libya but his record on Middle East affairs causes me to think Mr. Harper is strutting about on the world stage to try and bolster his image for the upcoming federal election. What will it cost Canada to participate in this Libyan venture? Just like the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the G8/G20 conference, Harper-The-Economist is more than willing to spend taxpayers’ dollars if he gets to spin a tale about being a world-class statesman.


Lloyd Atkins

Vernon, B.C.