Thank you from the Corsi Family

The day truly was a day of celebration of the life and connections that Gary made. We will remember him for those times.

To the people of Princeton:

We want to thank you for your overwhelming support in the loss of our dear Gary ‘Chas’ Corsi at his Celebration of Life in Princeton. Although we came with heavy hearts, we left with peace, love and gratitude and it is mainly due to your expressions of caring and friendship. It is in times of need such as this, when people show their true spirit. Thank you for taking the time to visit, reminisce and tell your stories.  To those who were too shy to speak in public, we heard your silent support too. Gary was an amazing, multi-talented man who never forgot where he came from and how special Princeton is. From cards to collections, he was faultless in his attention to detail. He also spent many years as a child, teen-ager and a young married father enjoying the special outdoors that Princeton has to offer. He was fiercely passionate about his fastball, family, hunting and fishing. Not sure which was first in his heart when ball season was on. He coached many avid, young ballplayers in Princeton, especially those who wanted to become pitchers. You condolences and stories have deeply touched our hearts.

The day truly was a day of celebration of the life and connections that Gary made.  We will remember him for those times.

Thank you to the members of the Senior Citizens for your kind service.  We appreciate your time and effort in preparing and serving the refreshments.

And so, Gary has returned to his roots and we are appreciative of the time we had with him, although it was all too short.  For many of us, Princeton will always be home.

Thank you. Thank you.

The Corsi Family