Thank you Alex Atamenenko

Diane and Bob Sterne extend their thanks to Alex Atamanenko

Dear Editor;

We would like to thank Alex Atamanenko for his assistance.  In our attempt to obtain some “special” geocache prizes for the Centennial geocache we will be placing in Coalmont, we hit a few barriers.  One email to Mr. Atamanenko and he went quickly into action.  Only with his and his wonderful staff’s help were we able to get our “special” prizes.  Our request certainly wasn’t one of grave importance, but regardless, Mr. Atamanenko jumped to our aid.

To Mr. Atamanenko we say:  you are truly a gentleman of the old school.  You have dedicated yourself to be the voice of the people and you do your job very well.  We are so fortunate to have you as our spokesperson.  Thank you again.


Diane and Bob Sterne,