Teachers get more time off than most

Many people would happily trade wage increases for the amount of time off teachers get.

Dear Editor,

I’d like to take the time to address the current teachers non-strike.

I read Tom Fletcher [a columnist published in the Spotlight] with interest. He has a different view and is not afraid to present his opinions. I also notice the flack he’s been taking.

It seems the teaching profession sees itself as something others don’t share.

I see people in our community who work steady days inside, no shift work involved, weekends and stats off.

People who get two months holidays in prime-time, extended time off at Easter break, time off during the fall break, time off over Christmas, assorted days here and there. Pretty good job.

I generalize for a reason. There are those of us that would happily trade wage increases for more time off.

With some professions in this town, it’s nearly impossible to get even a single day off.

My trade required extensive training, as does most trades work. Up to five years apprenticeship, not unlike teachers.

My starting wages would be similar to teachers wages, and incrementally increase, as with teachers. What is not part of my package is the most strived for option, time away to be with my family.

The BC Teachers’ Federation is, in fact, a trade union, much like the union I belong to, rallying for more money and better benefits, masquerading under the guise of helping our children.

I support Tom Fletcher’s freedom to write an opposing view. That’s what free expression is all about.

Kudos to him, thumbs down to those who’d try to silence him.

LeRoy Fague