Taking a Break

Local realtor John Henry takes some much needed time off.

Dear Editor,

As this is Princeton, and our rumour mill is the busiest at this time of year, I have decided that I should clarify my position.

 Unlike many agents in Town, I am a licensed associate Broker, a licensed property manager and a licensed salesperson. I have decided to give myself a break from Real Estate for a couple of months.

 I am not taking a break for any other reason other than I want to. With the overabundance of REALTORS® in Town and the size of our local market there is just not enough business to go around. I would recommend that my clients continue to work with Heinz and Neal in the Homelife office as they are great people and easy to get along with. Neal and Heinz will be taking over all my listings.

 So once again, I am taking some time off from Real Estate. I am not ill, I am not into drugs or alcohol, or in legal trouble, and I have not won the lottery! I am just taking some time off!

Regards, John Henry