Sorry to dispute your theory…but

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Sorry to dispute Mr. Hodge’s theory but….

The Bay was sold in 2006 to American Jerry Zucker and was in turn sold to NRDC Equity Partners of New York.  It has not been a “Canadian” company for a long time.

Further to that, Sears Canada is owned by Sears in the USA.  

Except for the individual small businesses owned and operated by one or two owners I don’t think there are any “large” companies that are strictly Canadian.  Shall we check “Canadian Tire’s” ownership?  I think we Canadians are just too thrifty (cheap??) to invest in ourselves on a large scale.  Just a thought.

And as for Overwaitea/Coopers or Save-On is a name just a name?  We shall see won’t we?

Lynn Boyd

Princeton, B.C.