Soaring takes your breath away

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Recently a friend’s daughter made a dash for the bathroom, anxious to avert a ‘number one’ mishap. When her mother asked if she needed any help, the twenty-six-month-old called out, “Me no need nobody.” Her spontaneous declaration of self-reliance was touchingly amusing.

What a fortunate child to have two loving, dedicated parents. They have built a foundation on which empathy, willpower, ethics, discipline, kindness, courage, cooperation, fairness, serenity and determination can grow and hopefully flourish. But their daughter, who once needed help taking those first wobbly steps, will one day be eager to spread her wings and fly away.

Nurturing can be its own reward, but the sight of a child learning how to soar can take your breath away.

Lloyd Atkins

Vernon, B.C.