Seeing past fuzzy misperceptions

Renewable energy is not a ticket to fast easy money, but a fuzzy misperception.

Dear Editor:

 The way some people have portrayed the renewable energy sector in this province you would think it’s some kind of ticket to fast, easy money.  From what I’ve seen, the hard reality is far from that fuzzy misperception. 

 Like any other honest commercial enterprise, the key to business success is hard work, sacrifice, and a willingness to take on considerable risk.  For most businesses, once you’ve paid the bank, paid your staff, paid your suppliers, and paid your taxes, what’s left over isn’t really all that much.  It’s certainly not the kind of fast, easy money some people talk about.  

 Fortunately, running a successful business has rewards that go beyond money.  There’s a pride and satisfaction that comes from providing an important product or service to the public.  That pride and satisfaction transcends the risk, the sacrifice and the hard work. 

 I can easily imagine, therefore, what those involved in renewable energy projects must feel when they successfully complete a green energy project and start feeding renewably-sourced energy into our homes, businesses and public buildings. 

 As one citizen who can see past the fuzzy misperceptions and knows the hard realities of running a business, here’s a sincere thank you to those making the sacrifices and taking on the risks to bring us the renewable green energy we need.


Fred Reemeyer

Coquitlam, B.C.