Reckless Endangerment

Dear Editor;

Dear Editor;

In a rush to please special interest groups, the House of Commons has passed the Gender Identity Bill C-389 with virtually no study, debate or public consultation.  The Institute for Canadian Values calls on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to right the wrong by leading the Senate to perform full and due process and reject the Bill if need be.

 Charles McVety, President of the Institute for Canada Values states “Bill C-389 is a danger to our children.  If ‘gender identity’ is enshrined in the Criminal Code of Canada, any male at any time will be permitted in girls bathrooms, showers and change rooms as long as they have an “innate feeling” of being female, according to Megan Leslie’s speech as she co-sponsored  the Bill.  If I then try to stop such a man from showering with my little girl at the local pool I could be in breach of the Criminal Code of Canada and could face imprisonment for two years.  Also, the law is a teacher, therefore gender identity will be mandatory teaching in all schools.  Last year we fought hard to stop such teaching from entering the Grade 3 Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum.  Bill c-389 will bring it back with the force of the law.  This reckless bill must be stopped.”

 McVety expressed dismay, saying “I do not understand how a Conservative Prime Minister could see fit to rush a Private Member’s Bill through the house, pass it at committee in less than 30 minutes and have his two Parliamentary Secretaries vote for the bill. However when the cameras were turned on in the House, he then voted against the bill.  The Prime Minister must act to defend Canadian children.”


For further information contact Charles McVety, 416-456-0096