Princeton’s ATV ban is bogus

Princeton trail-users should co-operate instead of banning motorized vehicles.

Dear Editor,

Is it true the mayor and council are in favour of eliminating ATVs (quads) from the KVR?

A Lower Mainland ATV club that was here before in numbers spent money in this town, restaurants, gas stations, motels, etc.

Who helps the Princeton economy? We are all the tax payers – we need unity, not separation.

I was told by a member of the Princeton Trail people that a person over six feet tall slapped a young teenage boy across the face and told him to get his quad off the trail.

His father was aways behind when we arrived at the scene.

He told me to get off the trail or he would call the police.

I suggested he do that.

I happen to own property on both sides of the KVR. Trail users (hikers) cut down trees and light fires on my property.

We must police our own kind for the arrogant users that misbehave.

The KVR should be open to all trail users.

We should all co-operate and welcome all trail users.

The big picture is growth and expansion, not separation.

It’s time the Bridge of Dreams woke up and was open to all users, not blocked.

Co-operation and unity is what makes success.

Stuart Hassell