Princeton town council needs to smarten up

Don't keep complaining - contact councillors directly if you have a problem.

Dear Editor,

All Right! I Get It! We had an election.

We voted the old Mayor out. No opportunity to do the same with the old council.

Then Randy McLean starts claiming that the new council is his, he trained them and they will follow his agenda.

What council thinks of this I do not know.

And I agree with the folks who keep telling me that if Coun. Armitage wanted to be mayor he should have run for the position. That is what Fred Thomas did.

Coun. Earle does seem determined to prove he was completely absent from last council. How else can he explain only five complaints about the deer situation in town?

From my understanding, according to him none of the people who have been attacked by deer or had their pets attacked ever complained. They seem to get plenty of ink in the paper.

Just a couple of the issues with our “Hangover Council.”

My suggestion is that everyone who has an issue stop complaining to me and get on the phone or in the face of the councillors, and tell them how you really feel.

Who knows after a couple of hundred phone calls and emails they may get the message.

I won’t be holding my breath.

Ed Muckle