Owners of homes involved in fires extend thanks

We can’t thank the firefighters enough for their incredibly swift response.

As the owners of the Fenchurch/Sunset West property that lost 2 rental homes last month, we can’t thank the firefighters enough for their incredibly swift response and thus ability to stop further devastation of neighbouring properties. When we got the word the next morning, some of the Firemen, especially Chief Eric Gregson and the RCMP staff were still there and obviously tired after a long night but working diligently to make sure all was safe so further investigations could proceed as needed.

Thank you also to Chris Nice, Princeton’s ESS Director, who was able to make sure both of our families were clothed and provided with food and shelter for the 72 hours provided by ESS. Allan Kovaltsenko’s help and ear were, and still are, invaluable. To other unsung heroes, thank you, especially the neighbour who kept banging on Daniel’s door to wake him up. How no one was injured is beyond belief and we know that both sets of tenants were more than appreciative.

To say how overwhelming the support was for the four affected families is an understatement but are we surprised? Not at all but we were at how quickly things got going. Thank you to everyone involved whether as setting relief programs up or supporting as contributors. Princeton Rocks!

Pam and Larry Legault, Princeton

P.S. We were also pleased to see that this “wake up call” made many realize how important it is to have Tenant’s Contents Insurance. No, it won’t replace emotional items lost but think of the value of what you are wearing at this moment and will tomorrow. It adds up very quickly.”