Open letter to memorial thief(s)

Writer expresses her anger towards the individual(s) who destroyed a tribute to honour a recently deceased friend.

Dear Editor,

After a tragic accident claimed the life of Barend VanVeld, my brother-in-law placed a memorial marker in his honour.

Barend’s sons came from Ontario to see the memorial and placed flowers and a single cigar (their father’s favourite) with the marker.

On August 7, friends, Brend’s brothers, sisters, cousins and daughter all of Ontario, came to lay  Barend to his final rest.

Upon arrival to the memorial site for a visit, the group found—nothing!

The marker, flowers and lone cigar were gone.

An all time low, a horrible act.

This heartless and distasteful action was perpetrated against a dear man, a friend who was well known to “give you the shirt off his back or give you his last dollar.”

Shame, shame, shame on you!

Our friend will be forever missed,

Melodye Hope, Hugh, family and friends. Princeton