Now is the time for action

Why are we waiting before acting?

Dear Editor:

Why do we continue to sit on our hands and wait until the eleventh hour before we lower our environmental footprint and take action on renewable energy?

Instead of propping up oil cartels and foreign manufacturers, our governments should be supporting Canada’s major research universities with funding to develop alternative energy sources and to find alternatives to petrochemicals in manufacturing processes.

Why, for instance, can’t we encourage the use of hemp as a renewable energy source and as an alternative to petrochemicals?  Hemp is easily grown here in B.C. and it produces more biomass per acre than any other plant material.

We need to start thinking outside of the box and getting ourselves beyond the gas pump. We can have our cake and eat it too, bringing good paying manufacturing jobs back into Canada and sustaining greater employment while also lowering our environmental footprint with renewable energy.



Charles Davis

White Rock,