Not in my backyard!

I am all for wildlife protection. I just don’t want them living in my back yard!

Dear Editor;

I am so tired of hearing “they were here first”. You people should purchase property, put up a ten foot fence, round up the deer, have your own deer compound, plant lots of veggies and flowers for them to eat, walk among them, pet them, whatever and have a great bonding experience.

The town would be deer free, a neighbour will be able to put her little dog in her yard and not be afraid of it being attacked like what happened a few days ago, three deer in the yard and one came after the little dog, another lady will be able to walk her dog and not be afraid, I’ll be able to walk where I live, instead of only in town and I won’t have to repair my fence because of the deer crashing through when there is nothing for them in my yard.

Congratulations Cranbrook for going ahead with the cull. If only people would stop feeding them and discourage them from hanging around, maybe things would change, then culling might not be necessary. It is human error that has caused this problem, but humans can change it. So be realistic folks, if you’re concerned about the town deer, then help them to leave town and return to their natural habitat where they belong.

I am all for wildlife protection, I’m a supporter of Canadian Wildlife and B.C. Wildlife Federation, I just don’t want them living in my back yard!

Kay Goglin

Princeton, BC