No more friendly conversations with Princeton council

Town council should provide audited financial information before it becomes more formal.

Well the council is making itself clear. They are “going formal.”

In the words of Coun. Earle, “we are decision makers.” But decisions will only be made if the issue is brought forward by the chief administrative officer.

No more friendly conversations with your elected officials – put it in writing and pass it through the gate keeper for consideration in the ivory tower.

Well before council pulls up the drawbridge perhaps they could “decide” to start providing those who elected them with full and accurate information.

How about audited financial statements on recent projects such as the industrial park, the library, the airport, the expansion of the water system and oh yes, the park in the centre of town.

Source and application of funds would be good.

Plus, of course, details on the reserve funds status.

How much of the reserves are in cash and how much in IOU’s to pay for the above projects?

How about it, do we get transparency or is the drawbridge going up to a stone wall?

Ed Muckle