Makes mad – let’s become a part of the solution

If we are not going to be part of the solution, then sadly we will remain part of the problem.

How many residents have noticed the destruction of private and public property in our community? The Spotlight has received letters from residents pleading with those that are ruining their properties by destroying their lighting systems, lawn ornaments and more, to just stop. Buildings in the community have been “tagged” spray painted, lighting fixtures broken, windows smashed for the fun of it or to gain access to steal. Last week, one of the lamp posts in Veterans Square was smashed into, ripped down and completely destroyed. Trees, plants and shrubs are ripped out and thrown into the streets. When will this end?

Two days ago, I received a call from a very good friend who was so angry and upset she was choking back tears as she told me what was wrong. The memorial for her cousin who died an untimely death at the tender age of 15, had been destroyed. This memorial is a tribute to a young man whom the entire community mourned. Someone took a knife or object thereof and cut the eye out of his photo and shot the memorial full of holes with a pellet gun. This is the second time this memorial has been disrespected and damaged horribly. How could someone be so heartless and cruel?

What is wrong with people here? I am not just speaking of the poor excuses for human beings that cause this destruction. These actions cannot possibly take place without someone bearing witness to the culprits or at least hearing what is  happening.  Why are we the community allowing this behaviour to continue?

I am by no means suggesting vigilante justice, in fact, just the opposite. Stop standing by, being afraid or just choosing to ignore what is going on around you. Do something about this.  Call the RCMP, call Crime Stoppers or call your bloomin’ neighbour and tell them that someone is in their yard.

Don’t just write it off as teenagers or  “kids”  being the one’s committing these acts, because if you believe that it is — then “kids” must be kids until they are in their 30’s too.

We can’t blame it on boredom either as there is an abundance of things to do in Princeton. Get your family involved in volunteering, join an activity group, sports or something that you enjoy. There is plenty to do and a large portion of it won’t cost you a penny.

My condolences to the Hogg family, extended families and friends.  I hope that the  memorial for Tanner can be repaired, and I hope that the individual(s) responsible for the destruction of it, will be held responsible and made to realize just how much pain they caused.

If we are not going to be part of the solution, then sadly we will remain part of the problem.