Losing yet another piece of BC history

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

It looks like Zellers Stores are about to go the way of almost all of our large Canadian retailers. Personally, I find this disgusting, on my own I have boycotted all of these large U.S. takeovers, but it is getting to where there is not much left to deal with.

With Zellers gone what happens to Fields Stores? Without the larger buying power of combined Hudson’s Bay, Fields and Zellers, will Fields be able to stay as competitive as previously possible?

Having worked part time for Woodward’s stores in downtown Vancouver while still in high school. I grew up with their motto “At Woodwards the customer is always right.” In the kitchenware and electrical dept. Items were often brought back that were out of manufacturers warranty and I had the job of walking three blocks to an electrical repair shop and leaving them for repair, and bringing other items back. These were always N/C to the customer. Just try and find that kind of service today. The cheapest price is not always the best deal.

On a similar matter – why is our new grocery store going to be called Coopers? Overwaitea is a company name with approximately 100 years of history in B.C. I seem to recall only one Coopers store in the 1960’s in Kelowna near where Orchard Park blacktop parking lot is now. So on account of a corporate decision, we loose yet another piece of B.C. history that has served our parents and grandparents well, and a name which is truly unique.

Jim Hodge—Princeton, B.C.