Look to the sky—the truth is shocking

The truth is unpleasant but only an informed population can act effectively.

Dear Editor,

Recently, official appearing notices were circulated from the City of Kelowna & City of Penticton alerting the population that jets are spraying chemicals which have been tested to be toxic to soil, water & humans. Sadly the use of City logos were forged but the information on these notices is true and well documented. Whoever circulated these notices was well informed. There is a tremendous amount of scientific data accessible via the internet. geoengineeringwatch.org, californiaskywatch.org, agriculture defense.org, thrive movement.com and environmentalvoices.org are excellent sources of unfiltered information. Unfortunately there is a media blackout firmly in place & the scientists who are proponents of aerosol geoengineering are compartmentalized and do not appear to be overseen by any one.

Throughout my life I’ve been aware, observant, & appreciative of the environment near and far.  When I first heard about chemtrails (aerosol geoengineering) I was in denial which is a normal human response to information that one doesn’t want to hear or believe. When I saw these trails daily over my valley and observed beautiful clear blue mornings becoming murky hazy low overcast skies by mid day I began to search for information. I learned that these persistent  contrails which is another name for “ aerosol geo engineering” have been seen all over the world since the late 90s.

In educating  myself I’ve learned some most alarming facts. California skywatch.org and agriculturedefence.org scientists report that the snow of Mount Shasta is 60,000 parts per million of aluminum oxide    Indigenous  trees and plants are dying, growing food is becoming difficult.  Soil samples have revealed high levels of aluminum, barium salts,  strontium & soil ph is rapidly becoming alkaline. Alzheimer’s has risen 260 percent in Riverside County over ten years and respiratory mortality has moved from No. 8 to No. 3 in a period of 6 years. Aerosol geoengineering of chemical particulates has been heavy over California for years.

The website geoengineeringwatch.org reports that he sun’s rays have decreased 22 percent in 10 years. Weather modification seems to be the motive by the compartmentalized aerosol geoengineers. In an attempt to reflect the sun’s rays away from Earth by spraying tons of particulates the opposite effect is happening. Published NASA studies show that the reflective cocoon is holding the heat at night, not allowing Earth’s natural cooling and exacerbating  global warming. Weather can and is being programed and modified with devastating results.

The documentaries: “What In the World Are They Spraying?” and  “Why in the World Are They Spraying?”  by Truthmediaproductions.us are essential to learning the big picture. Both are available online.  “Thrive” can be viewed free on thrivemovement.com.

I urge everyone to inform themselves and ask the questions:

Who is responsible?

Who is profiting from the sales of chemicals?

Who is paying for this assault on our environment, our health and  well being of generations to come?

Who is controlling the media blackout?

When one knows the answers, the “whys” become apparent.

The truth is unpleasant but only an informed population can act effectively. A good place to start is by looking up at our sky and being curious about what you see.

Suzie Anderson, Penticton BC