Local asks for support for “Quilting for Calgary”

A fantastic group of people are making the donations easy for quilters all across Canada

Dear Editor,

As we are all aware, Calgary and area have suffered a disaster due to the recent flooding. Many people will be out of their homes for at least a year and others will be out permanently.  Bev Rogan, a quilter living in Calgary who spearheaded a campaign to collect quilts for the victims of the tsunami in Japan, is once again working to collect quilts for the victims of the flood.  Bev has created a facebook page where quilters can find information on making and donating the quilts which will be distributed to the victims in September. A number of long arm quilters have volunteered to quilt the tops and batting and backings have been donated as well.  A fantastic group of people are making the donations easy for quilters all across Canada as well as in the U.S. to ship to Calgary. Westfreight Systems of Calgary has provided their U.S. address for US donations in order to eliminate customs concerns and expenses.  West Jets’ Air Angels are accepting quilts in Victoria and Vancouver and flying them to Calgary. All information is available under the ‘files’ area on the website: www.facebook.com/groups/quiltingforcalgary

“We are quilters dedicated to showing our support to the victims of Calgary and Canmore’s 2013 Flood. “Quilting for Calgary” – warming hearts and homes.”

Bev is asking donors to post pictures of their quilts on her website to save the work of photographing and posting the pictures as the quilts arrive.  She has secured a storage unit for the quilts until the distribution in September.  People living in shelters at that point will be the first recipients as their need is greater.  Once they have received their quilts, door to door delivery will then take place for the balance of the flooded victims.  A large number of volunteers have already stepped forward for this overwhelming task.

I am making and collecting quilts in the Princeton area.  If anyone is able to donate a quilt, 100% cotton or batting, please contact me.  The quilts will have to be shipped in the later part of August.

Myrna Leard – Princeton