LETTER: 50 year resident of Green Ave. and friend of Kampe says no to towers

Increased traffic and swampy conditions make this a bad decision


My name is Gloria Wyles. I have lived on Green Ave. West for over 50 years and was a friend and neighbour of Mr. Kampe for 45 years.

I agree with Mayor Vassilaki when he said, “Mr. Kampe would roll over in his grave in his grave if he knew what was happening.”

To destroy the beautiful house, cottage and grounds on that property is a very sad disregard for part of Penticton’s history.

The tall buildings they are proposing will destroy the peach and quiet that the neighbours and I have enjoyed for years.

The tall buildings they are proposing will bring increased density of people and traffic. This will increase the already hazardous driving conditions for the people living on Paris, Coleman and Blairmore streets, as they use Green Ave West and the Channel Parkway. That intersection is already very prone to accidents.

Finally it is guaranteed there will be water problems there, ongoing with the large buildings. There are problems already, I know this from experience. The water table is very high on properties that border the Oxbow. And very nearby is the river. It is a swampy area.

Gloria Wyles