Just stop the gossip and move on

People really need to stop and think before opening their mouths

Boy, our little area sure has had its fair share of negative and disheartening news as of late.

Being in the headlines can be a wonderful experience, except for when it is for the reasons like we have been. Murder, robberies, fire, death and so on.

Personally, I much prefer when we are noted  for our achievements like; our Rebels Girls team bringing home the bronze medal, our GamesTown win, the opening of Copper Mountain Mine, etc.

What is even more disheartening than ending up in the ‘negative news lines’ is the negativity breeding within our own community.

Gossip. It is horrible, relentless and extremely damaging. The Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines gossip as “ unconstrained talk or writing especially about persons or social incidents” and as “idle talk.”

Now I understand that “idle talk” has much to do with social interaction between people, but when it comes to dealing with or having discussion regarding murder, death, or anything negative that happens, is it really necessary to put in your ‘two cents worth’ when you don’t have a flipping clue what you are talking about?

That is gossip. When you say things that you have no idea of whether they are fact or fiction, or believe because ‘so and so said so’— and then you pass it along…Gossip.

Negative news is hard enough for people to deal with. Added stress, damage and heartache due to gossip is ridiculously unnecessary.

People really need to stop and think before opening their mouths…

Remember—when it comes to the person or persons you are yapping about… Do you really know what they are going through? Do you ever stop to think for a second even, that what you say could change their life forever? What you say could and most often does have detrimental effects upon their children, family and or friends.

If you stop to think before you open your mouth and realize that you just don’t know the truth—close your mouth and move on.