In regards to the leadership debate

The leaders lacked inspiring, innovative bold policies, large and small.

Dear Editor,

Never heard of Green Party leader Ms. Jane Sterk before. She won’t form the next government but she would be a great voice for BCers.

The two women maximized their natural gifts — they talked much better and more than the two men. Some politicians have spent years in a delicatessen and are expert in spreading the baloney. Responsible ones use simple horse sense rather than the bull and succumb to looking like the end that follows the front.

The leaders lacked inspiring , innovative bold policies, large and small. For example: A connection to Vancouver Island by tunnel, or combination of tunnels,floating islands and bridges, or aerial zip line or lease or sell the Island to the Chinese.

The 21st century is theirs and they’d resolve it “tout suite”.[Canada’s other language]

The leaders also should support a income tax exemption on lottery tickets for children’s hospital, burn unit or hospital foundation etc.

The fractured political parties appear stuck together with substandard imported crazy glue and our decade of stability and progress will revert back to  the dark ages of the lost 1990s decade. Depends on the team.

Will they be our reflection?

Joe Schwarz

Penticton BC