I’m predicting a low turnout

Reader views bilingualism as a reason for Canadian's desire for separation.

Dear Editor:

It is truly a no win situation for the majority of Canadians in Western Canada and Ontario, with the issue of Official Bilingualism and the enforcement of the minority French Language upon the majority of English Canadian Citizens and  Business. The Canadian Members of Parliament from all political parties are directed by their party executives to support a failed forty plus year old policy of the Official Languages Act (1969), to advertise to the world that both English and French are languages of communication used by a majority of Canadians in work, play and business. We, as Canadian Citizens of course know that is not the reality of our daily lives. We also know that all this failed government policy has done is to divide the country and increase the cost of doing business in Canada. This mutual understanding by all Federal Political Parties to support Official Bilingualism regardless of the cost implications creates many problems, two of which are a lower voter turnout and an increasing growth of Canadians investigating and even supporting the Western Canada Separatist movement.

Ken Kellington,

Devon, Alberta