I am delighted that Frank is running

Reader shares her enthusiasm for candidate for Princeton mayor.

My dear friends, I am delighted that Frank has thrown his well worn hat into the ring. So, that means that once again I am campaigning for him. I have known Frank and Darnella for many years and am proud to say that I’m inspired by both of them, Darnella for her support and Frank for his concern for this community. Frank is a terrific husband, father, grandfather, and friend. I am asking for your vote for Frank as an alderman, Frank has done a great job on council, and is ready and able to be an excellent mayor. Princeton is facing a lot of problems and we need someone who will give his all to this community and its citizens. A man of integrity, concern and honesty in all his dealings is what Princeton desperately needs at this time!

Thank you for your vote and please ask your friends to support him.

Joyce Fraser