Horse-abuser should be charged

Princeton man who allowed horses to starve shouldn't be let off the hook.

Dear Editor,

What I would like to know is why the man was not charged.

He has been know to the Penticton SPCA in the past.

Since the horses have found new homes, it means he is off the hook.

I am sorry that doesn’t cut it.

There are pictures to prove what happened to them.

This wouldn’t have happened if they were cared for the way they should of been.

I am tired of hearing this poor man is going though a divorce. He has been using this for some time and to be honest his wife should be held accountable for this too.

She was the one who brought them home knowing full well her husband wasn’t an animal person and she left him, and she didn’t seem to care or try and find them homes herself.

It was the horses who paid the price because no one cared enough except for a person who tried feeding them and to find them homes to the best she could do.

At the beginning he tried selling the horses and of course no one wanted to buy any of them.

Then he tried giving them away and this is where I once again got to see them in the sad shape they are in.

If he can’t be charged at least the law should be able to stop him from ever having another animal again.

People like this make me sick. Remember all animals have the right to fresh water food and vet attention if needed.

Maureen White