Horrific bike crimes

Deadly criminals are striking everywhere. Signs, parking meters...you name it...dreaded bikes are appearing.

Deadly criminals are striking everywhere.  After spending mounds of cash putting in bike lanes in the Lower Mainland (and not enough bike racks), city workers can now seize these offensive weapons for being locked up to city property.  Signs, parking meters…you name it…dreaded bikes are appearing.

As a result of this unbearable disregard for the beauty of said signs and parking meters, bikes are being targeted by bylaw officers.  The shame… you must be punished for reducing your carbon footprint.  Admittedly, there is the odd cyclist who locks up in an awkward location that causes unexpected difficulties.

The public was enlightened of this issue after a woman noticed a bike lock being cut by a city worker and the bike removed with no notification to the owner.  No note was left behind, no phone call could be made…for all the bike owner would know, it was stolen.  There is always someone to complain about these little inconsequential things.  I have one question.  Why do officials keep listening to them?  There are many important issues with enormous impacts on our world that we should be complaining about.  Leave the poor innocent bikes alone for goodness sakes.

If you want to complain about something, how about the pensions we are paying our provincial politicians?  Ex-premier Gordon Campbell is now the high commissioner to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  His appointment is controversial at best.  Many British Columbians call him the most unethical premier ever and that is saying something…as there have been a few.  His appointment has a salary of $190,000 plus attached to it and then, of course, there are the perks…and we know Campbell will be grasping at those like a kid in a candy shop.

Even if the whole of B.C. was okay with Campbell’s appointment, is it really okay for a man who left office in a cloud of corruption to receive a thank you pension of $100,000 a year? This practice makes no sense and one can’t blame Campbell himself for this ridiculous injustice (although he was behind the pension plan ‘enhancement’ program).

Some would rather complain about a bike strapped innocently to a sign.  Princeton needs an emergency room and doctors.  $100,000 times twenty is two million dollars.  If we said no to pensions for politicians how many hospitals could we make better?  How many doctors could we bring to Princeton?  How many kids could we save with better social programs?  I wonder how many politicians even think about us little people while flying around collecting perks? Where does our free meal ticket come from?  I would drive to find out, but I’m not sure I can afford the gas or the ferry and I think someone just stole my bike.