Hope and Possibilities

I don't know exactly what constitutes a good week over a bad one, but I do know what constitutes a good person over a bad person...

I don’t know exactly what constitutes a good week over a bad one, but I do know what constitutes a good person over a bad person.  There are people who spread feelings of hope and possibility just by being themselves and others who spread venom.  There are people who when united become a force that is unconquerable…there are others who just need conquering.  

While Egypt has become the latest example of people power, most of the time we don’t have to step too far away from our doorstep to see the strength of powerful people.  China Ridge is a perfectly example of people power.  A core group of volunteers took an idea and ran with it through the forest, not just at a comfortable pace, but at a sprint…and there are others.  

I was honoured to be invited to the mural unveiling in the library foyer and delighted to find out that there was a special treat in store for us all.  The Princeton Arts Council is full of amazing people that seem to shine from some little creative gene that keeps mutating into art in public places.  When they are in a room together, you know that something is happening.  It isn’t always visible, but oh, it is brewing.  

I like being around the doers and luckily they rub off on you after a while.  We all need to find people we admire, that make us laugh, that allow us to cry and rant, that accept, that advise and that work on the solutions we sometimes can’t see.  I don’t want to be around people who hurt, destroy, complain without solutions and have ugliness even in their smile.  I want to be around those who care, have joy, give joy, carry us sometimes, push us at others, let us reciprocate, can be wrong, are often right and have purpose that is for the good.   

Sometimes possibility is harder to see, but easier to feel.  Even when a person is being violently attacked they look for a way to live. ,,a way to stay breathing.  Hope is the best word there is.  It means love and dreams, a way out, answers and questions.  

I saw the movie “Poor no more” after the mural unveiling smelling like smoky sage from my first smudging.  I listened to two politicians get emotional when they spoke about a man many Canadians view as a hero, Tommy Douglas,  My mom saw him once in Antelope, Saskatchewan when she was a teenager selling war saving stamps and said he was captivating to listen to.  

Tommy Douglas was more than captivating.  He looked for solutions and found a way to convince others that he had them.  It is a gift to have purpose and with it comes joy.  Tommy had both.  Others have it too.  The pyramids took people power. The power of the people is not a new concept, but one as old as time.  For those who know about it, it is amazing.  Power of the people makes our community flourish.   It is hard not to see that amazing comes from those who hope, see possibility, have joy and act with purpose.  These are the people who make Princeton more than just another small town in rural B.C..