Fossil fuels aren’t out

We still need other forms of power to do business.

Dear Editor;

I would like to comment on the issue which Jim Hodge had remarked regarding wind turbine power.

How would you move a 10,000-tonne train from Sparwood to the Vancouver wharf requiring between 10,000 to 15,000 horse power?

Also hundreds of trains cross Canada and the U.S. every day with wind turbine power.

What about a 100,000-tonne cargo and giant cruise ships which need a 100,000 horse power to cross the ocean?

Thousands of freight trucks cross Canada and US each day need around 500 horse power for each truck.

Most of the U.S. electric power is generated by coal and nuclear plants.

China, England, Scotland and Ireland are all using coal and nuclear power as well.

If you think fossils are out, think again Jim.

I don’t think wind turbine power will do the job.

Rollo Ceccon