ER closures lead to sluggish housing market

Many people working at mine commute out of Princeton for proper medical care.

Dear Editor,

I am in complete dismay to hear of the hospital emergency room closures.

We moved here to work at this growing mine and it IS growing.

Hundreds of people are employed there and many commute to Penticton and various areas where there is reliable medical services.

YOU – whoever you are – making these decisions with disregard to our safety should be held responsible if and when there is a life threatening injury.

Even a cruise ship has a doctor.

My God this is 2012. It seems your plan is that you will be unable to respond, and don’t see the need on a full time basis.

Accidents and catastrophes are not on your schedule.

I am appalled. I see why our real estate market is so sluggish here, as my family would like to live here as well, EXCEPT for the medical issues here.

It is unfortunate we are going backward when we have such a wonderful opportunity to go forward.

If there is such a shortage of doctors then WHY is the government not encouraging MORE affordable education for our young?

I am sure the medical veterans would agree to assist in some training and resources before we all have to move to the cities.

I am so disappointed as we were planning on building here in beautiful little Princeton… now I am in doubt.



Mavis Ekman