Disheartening, but not defeating

Writer shares thoughts regarding this week's editorial.

Dear Editor,

Your opinion piece in the May 28, 2014 Spotlight regarding the signs designed by local children who spent a day cleaning the Cormack Marsh area on Earth Day, is well written.

The signs are a testament to the pride and innocence of our youth as they learned about the pollution of our waterways and people’s frequent abuse of nature, and worked to correct it.

As an almost daily walker along the trail in the Tunnel area, I enjoyed reading the signs and appreciated the art work of the children. I worked with the parents, teachers, children and other community members that day to help in the cleanup of the marsh. Then on my usual walk I noticed a sign had been pulled out of the ground and wondered why. Now I know, it was mindless vandalism.

Disheartening yes, but not defeating as the vandalism makes our resolve to contribute in positive and healthy ways more stronger.”

Rosemary Doughty

Princeton, B.C.