Compromise between ATV users and hikers is key to managing trails

Co-operation is needed among trail users around Princeton so no one is left in the dust.

Dear Editor,

Re: the article about the ban on motorized vehicles on trails published on Jan. 25.

I am almost tempted to say that it is a pity that the ban is only in town, only I fully recognize the right of motorized vehicle owners to use and enjoy their vehicles.

But if we could look at it from the point of view of non-motorized use for a moment.

I live in the KVR and my place is now totally unusable for foot traffic and pedal-powered bikes: too loose, too rutted and some of the traffic too fast for comfort.

This is a problem for non-motorized users, and it has virtually put an end to bike tours through the area – a source of income for any number of B&B’s and tour operators, not to mention motels, restaurants and grocery stores.

Can we find a way to open a respectful dialogue on this subject, with some real listening on both sides?

Again, I respect the rights of those with quads, etc. – but is there maybe some compromise solution that can be reached which recognizes the needs of both groups?

Harden the surface perhaps?

If memory serves me right, a lot of us put money into the original development of the trail, under the impression we were investing in a bike/hiking rail.

I’d be willing to invest again if some solution could be found for both groups – would the motorized group be willing to help as well?

Together we might achieve a great deal.

Nat Brown

Area H