Christy Clark’s railway ties

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:


When politicians do not want an enquiry into political corruption, there is good reason for concern. In December Christy Clark’s position on the BC Rail Scandal was “It’s case closed.”

After three years as a radio talk show host, Clark should have learned that for most people perception is reality and in regards to the BC Rail Affair, the perception is she has something to hide. Even though she and her relatives were never charged with anything, a cloud of suspicion lingers. Why did the Liberal government authorize a $6-million benefit for two offenders and in so doing more than likely prevent a trial where witnesses would have testified under oath?

While waving and smiling for the cameras, Clark pushes her carefully crafted image by making politically correct statements about opening up government, connecting with families and saving B.C. from the socialist hordes. But all I can hear is the sound of fingernails scratching on a door, the Truth trying to escape from the BC Rail baggage car.

The Liberal party would be doing British Columbians a disservice by electing a leader who has indicated an innate preference for keeping evidence about political corruption hidden from the public.

Lloyd Atkins

Vernon, B.C