Check your thermostat battery

Batteries in the thermostat also need to be replaced.

Dear Editor,

In this day and age when many people can not afford regular furnace maintenance, I thought the following should be brought to the public’s attention.

As well as replacing the batteries in one’s smoke detector, batteries in the thermostat also need to be replaced..

During a recent cold snap, I went home to find my home very warm. Thinking the furnace would soon shut off, I carried on with other activities. After a while though I was sweating just sitting, so checked the thermostat. It was up to 23 degrees although it was set to turn off at 20 degrees. Soon it was up to 26 degrees and I phoned the heating company that had serviced my furnace a month earlier. Then sat with the doors and windows open until they arrived and fixed the problem. Turns out on of the batteries we had installed were defective.

I would hate to think what would have happened if I had been away for a few days. I would recommend that the thermostat batteries be checked and or replaced regularly.

Bob Richards – Penticton, B.C.