Bullying is alive and well

Bullying is apparently alive and well in Princeton!

Bullying is apparently alive and well in Princeton!

Graffiti on the second from the last left hand curb spacer from the entry to John Allison School is entering its third week saying “R.B. is gay.”  When I first saw it, I assumed that the people who are at the school daily, namely the teachers, the principal, the bus drivers, the landscape maintenance workers and the myriad of parents who drive their little darlings would be outraged, and that the offending words would be painted over immediately.  Some of them could not have failed to see it.

But is seems that all of them were unconcerned, although bullying has been very much in the headlines these days.  Perhaps, they agree with this kind of thing.  Or are subject to willful ignorance?  Or are blind?  I for one one am absolutely disgusted with all of them.  Although I have no kinship with what is alleged, I cannot condone the bullying that it involves.

Shame on all of them.



Yours very truly,

Murray Woodward