Are we better off, or have things gotten worse?

It took until the eleventh hour, but, none the less, we have a municipal election.

It took until the eleventh hour, but, none the less, we have a municipal election. There are two candidates running for the mayor’s job, incumbent Randy McLean, and new to the municipal scene, Fred Thomas. Council has all four incumbents running again with Kim Maynard making another crack at the position and Christina Longley-Scarisbrick putting her name in the race.

With a real election on our hands, it is time to start thinking about what the issues are: roads, affordable housing, taxes, business, poverty, the hospital, or a string of other issues that affect your family. You also need to ask how the last three years have been. Are we better off than we were or have things gotten worse? It is time to start thinking about the questions you want to ask the candidates. They will be looking for your support and this gives you the opportunity to ask them the hard questions about what their plans are and how they plan to achieve them, or more simply, why should you vote for them?

The next three years will represent important times for Princeton. The people will need strong leadership to get them through it. The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘do I think the current administration is moving in the direction that I believe is right?’ I guess when you boil it down, every election comes down to just that: Is the crew taking the ship in the right direction, or is a course change necessary before you run aground?

We have watched as our hospital went from being a fully equipped hospital to what now many refer to as a “first aid station.” Many watch for the ER closures wondering if they should keep their family here. Many wonder if local officials have done enough to try and stop the cuts and closures.

The town residents won’t be the only people going to the polls in November.

Area H residents will also go to the polls as former pool committee member and local farmer Charles Weber is challenging incumbent Brad Hope to the director’s seat. Many of the people I have talked to in Area H are feeling that the election will be a continuation of the aquatic centre referendum.

The election should be interesting if nothing else. All seats are being contested, except for school board. The nomination period for school trustee was extended to Monday at 4 p.m., because there were not enough people running to fill the three Princeton and Area H seats.

Just a quick note to all the candidates: thank you for running. Political life is not for everyone and I thank you for giving up your time away from your families to run. Good luck on your election bid. I hope everyone gets out to vote on November 19. If you are available, please attend the all candidates forum when it takes place. It is a great time to hear all the candidates speak and to get informed on the issues and where everyone stan