Are the doctor’s not accepting new patients?

Writer wants to know if others have been faced with the issue of not being able to see a physician

Dear Editor:

Until recently I had a doctor, who is now retired. Then, the ongoing medical shortage brought about a quandary for our Town Council, who used money from our tax base as a lure to acquire more medical practitioners. The incentive pay must have worked, as we have more practitioners now than in recent years and our hospital’s emergency department is open once more.

A recent call to the Cascade Clinic left me with my aforementioned dilemma. I was told that only one doctor was seeing new patients, so I made an appointment. Upon meeting that new doctor I was told that apparently I had been misinformed because she was not taking any more new patients.

Which brings me back to the beginning; my tax money is now being used to lure new doctors.  The only problem is, I still have no doctor and my taxes are being used to pay for a doctor that I do not have.

Are other folks in Princeton faced with the same problem? Phone your Mayor and Council.

HP Toews, Princeton