Anxiously awaiting

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

For more years than I can remember, The Fraser Institute reminds us that sometime in June we’ll have earned enough money to pay our tax bill.  The mainstream media dwells dutifully on these findings.

Not to that point but in a counter move the Canadian Council for Policy Alternatives tells us that they will begin reporting the annual salaries of the one hundred top Chief Executive Officers in Canada. 

According to the CCPA, the average CEO of the top one hundred firms in Canada has earned as much by 2:30 p.m. on January 3rd as the average Canadian worker earns in a year.  In 2009, during the world’s worst economic recession since the 1930s these top 100 CEOs earned on annual average $6,643,895. in compensation.

I shall wait anxiously to see the CCPA’s banner headlines in our major newspapers and the hourly news broadcasts on television and radio.


HP Toews – Princeton, BC