Answer requested for questions on road use

Writer would like her questions about Coalmont Road and Tulameen Avenue answered.

Dear Editor,

I agree with the lady from Coalmont who voiced concern about the coal trucks using the Coalmont Road and the deleterious effect it is having on the road.  My concern goes further to include Tulameen Avenue in Princeton. We reside along this street. The traffic is now extremely heavy with logging trucks and coal trucks both using this street. We accept the logging trucks because they have to get to the mill, but the frequency and number of coal trucks that go by is having an effect on our property. The bottom part of our house is faced with stone and many cracks have appeared, due to the vibrations caused by these trucks. Here’s the interesting thing, I am under the impression that Coalmont Energy Company built a road so they could connect to the Coquihalla and bypass Princeton. On May 14, 2013, I emailed Coalmont Energy Company asking why this road was not being used. I never received a reply.

Others who have similar complaints should email Coalmont Energy Company, and make those concerns known or you can send a letter to Coalmont Energy Company, ATTN: Head Administrator, c/o #9-1790 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC V1W 3P6. I am considering other avenues to make my complaints known.

M.H. Masiel

Princeton, B.C.