An up-date on Dr. Hicks, Orthopedic Surgeon

Local couple share their experience with new doctor

Dear Editor;

A month or so ago I wrote a letter to the Spotlight letting your readers know that Dr. Tracy Hicks, Orthopedic Surgeon was now working out of Dr. David Smith’s office.

Well, to keep the reader’s up-to-date I would like to let the good folks in Princeton know that following a number of tests, done in Princeton as well as x-rays Al was called by Dr. Hick’s office in Langley and was given a surgery date of April 28th at approximately 7:00 am.

We travelled to Langley, booked in at a local Motel and waited for that very early ring which meant “hospital time” I received a telephone call from Dr. hicks around 10:00 am. To let me know the operation was a complete success. Three days later we were on our way home. We now have the job of physic and cold packs, but all is going well.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to our local Lion’s Club who stepped in when things were difficult for us to handle. What a kind and compassionate group. It was unexpected but greatly appreciated. Thanks, Penny and others.


Al and Shirley Hill,

And to all our wonderful friends in Princeton.