An open letter to the Health Minister

Now it’s Life, Limb, Trauma, Organ - thanks for that too.

Ms. MacDiarmid:

What is your diagnosis for the problem with Interior Health Authority’s inability to address the simple needs of Princeton, British Columbia.  I am specific to remind myself and others that this is still Canada.  Please explain how the problem of our doctor shortage is solved. We are in fact in worse shape since your October visit.

Life Limb Trauma Organ

Nice. Now if it isn’t going to kill us, we can all just stay home and suffer. Want to thank you personally for that.  Now that your eyes have been diverted (I’m having a harder and harder time putting faith in your innocence in these matters) away and off to your next firefight, we here are still left without our constitutional right to healthcare. Four nights a week, Ms. MacDiarmid.

It seems you have zero control of this situation. Billion dollar organization supposedly looking out for the health of all who live under their jurisdiction, they can’t even deliver a baby. Can’t find a doctor. They can’t balance a budget.  So far they’ve been one hundred percent more elusive than helpful. They have cost this community far more than they have ever spent or given to Princeton, even though we are constantly reassured that “Princeton is Top Priority.” An ugly joke in itself, seeing as how the Health Authority likes to point out that they’re publicly funded.

Tax dollars being used to fund these jokers is a moral skid mark on anyone’s record. You ought to at least be able to produce something of meaningful value to this community.  You know, the one that is over the golden hour away. The one that was told we were safe due to helicopters and a HART team.  Those helicopters don’t often fly in the winter’s harsher conditions Ms. MacDiarmid, nor will that precious HART team be here in a magical hour, not on these roads right now.

We had the NDP Whip come and tour the remnants of our former hospital, now a community care center…thanks for that too.  She is also the advocate for B.C. seniors, you remember them don’t you? They’re the ones that represent ninety thousand strong voting voices. Gotta tell you, Ms. MacDiarmid nobody here is very pleased and it has become painfully obvious nothing is being done by you to alleviate this pathetic, situation so full of blatant neglect.

How does looking into whatever magic mirror you have work?  Do ministers have trouble sleeping at night knowing the full extent of the damage they’re personally responsible for?

I called the Joint Standing Committe, they said the REEF funding was back into the clutches of your IHA minions.  Is it any wonder why nothing has changed on the ground?  Oh excuse me, they’re worse.   Nine months and a medical organization of thousands could not, would not, not with a fox, not in a box, produce a doctor. We did though, have doctors booked in advance for a month ahead, until your minions told us not to.

It’s abundantly clear these aren’t your dogs and therefore not really your problem, even though they do seem to fall under your blanket of protection. This community’s continued health is at stake, while you conference and connect. Workers and children, at risk while you luncheon and spin. While you are treated like a star, normal citizens are driving themselves to over run, dirty hospitals.

So thanks again for coming to our community and producing exactly nothing.  That’s not exactly true though now, is it?  Now it’s Life, Limb, Trauma, Organ – thanks for that too.

D. Dobie, Princeton citizen at risk