An open letter to FortisBC

I sure miss PLP’s John Hall, he would never treat his customers as Fortis is.

Dear Editor;

I’m writing regardingm Fortis BC’s increases. I sure miss PLP’s John Hall, he would never treat his customers as Fortis is. I live alone for the last 10 years and my power consumption has not changed. Last year they gave me a 24.8% increase. I tried to fight it but to no avail I’m just a nobody and was told that because every year my appliances get older they use more power, hogwash 24.8% worth? I heat my home with wood and propane. So I sucked it up and thought maybe they will leave me alone now for a few years, good luck, this year they hit me up with a 19.7% increase with same old story about appliances, give me a break here, I didn’t just fall off the back end of a turnip truck! Does the word gouge ring a bell? I’m really choked that these people are having us pay the big bonus’s to the fat cats in upper management, again John Hall we miss you and your fairness as a human being in our small community. I even tried e-mailing BC Utilities Commission, guess what, another government agency where people get paid and do nothing. Absolutely no response and gave them everything phone#, Mail #,  e-mail address. So to the biggest Scrooge in Princeton, Fortis, I hope you had a nice Christmas on my dime and all your other customers dimes. I imagine you people don’t sleep to well at night. When it’s not right, sometimes good people/companies take a second look at least, nobody’s perfect, mistakes can and are made. Do the right thing Fortis, right now your not looking like a good corporate citizen.

Very disappointed customer.

Lou Smith

Princeton, BC