A vote of confidence for Area H Director

Regardless of the outcome of the election, we would like to thank Brad Hope for all the accomplishments in the Allison Lake area

Dear Editor;

In a couple of weeks we will be voting for the Area H Director for the next three years. Regardless of the outcome of the election, we would like to thank Brad Hope for all the accomplishments in the Allison Lake area. Four years ago, we formed the Allison/Borgeson Ratepayers Association and as proud as we are of our volunteers, we have had Brad Hope’s tireless work and enthusiasm behind every project.

After the last election, we asked Brad if we might pursue a mail in ballot for the next election. Non-resident property owners or resident property owners, who may travel south in the winter, have not been able to vote for past elections. Brad made voting possible for all of us.

The majority of Area H property owners believed the voting process for the aquatic centre referendum that placed 70% of the funds required from taxpayers coming from Area H unfair. Forty seven percent of the taxpayers in Area H are non resident property owners. Brad went to the regional district, on our behalf, 800 residents signed a petition, to ask if the town of Princeton and Area H could vote separately. The RDOS granted the right for a separate vote.

Brad worked together with Front Counter BC and the BC Forestry to help us with the walking, mountain bike trail on the west side of Allison Lake. The BC Forestry suppression crew, and Kelley Cook, cleared dead trees, made benches for the trail and built a new bridge at the south end of Allison Lake into Allison Lake Provincial Park.

The Allison/Borgeson Ratepayers brought up the idea of expanding the trail on the west side of Allison Lake to extend to the east side and circle all of Allison Lake. Brad asked the Regional District Okanagan Similkameen to donate funds to pay for the GPS work necessary for the east side trail. We now have the funds to proceed with this project.

Thanks to the RDOS and Brad Hope, we now have a new park on the hillside at the North end of Allison Lake. Brad arranged to bring in a crew to clear dead brush and trees to reduce fire hazards and make the park more accessible for future mountain bike and cross country ski trails. The park was dedicated to a long time Princeton resident, Mr. Tom Stout. Tom’s wife, Gloria Stout’s family, owned the majority of the Allison Lake area before it was subdivided in the 1950’, 60’s and 70’s.

In the past year we have started our own volunteer fire department. Brad was excited about our idea and managed to have the RDOS purchase a pump for us to start up our fire brigade. We have built our own trailer for the fire department to carry our pump and hoses.

Brad Hope has attended the majority of our Annual General Meetings and many of our directors meetings and his eagerness has been infectious. He has earned the upmost respect from everyone he has worked with.

Barbara Hamilton

Allison/Borgeson Lake, Princeton